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Why Omega PBS?

As a physician, you spend your time staying up-to-date on the latest medical advances so that you can provide the highest quality care for your patients. You would rather spend your time caring for patients, not tracking down payments—and so would your medical practice manager.

For even the most experienced manager, the prospect of coding, billing, and collecting all those payments can sometimes feel overwhelming. As quickly as medicine changes, medical coding and billing change, too.

At Omega Physician Billing Services (Omega PBS), our team cares for all your coding, billing, and auditing needs so that you and your team can focus on the reason you went to medical school: to care for patients.

What makes Omega PBS different?

  • People-powered, personalized service
  • AAPC-certified professional coders (CPC)
  • Post-audit counseling and training
  • Customized medical practice consultations
  • Pain management medical practice specialists


Pain management coding

With a practice specialty in pain management, our team understands that your patients come to you to relieve their physical pain. Your patient billing and collection process should do the same. Our AAPC-certified professional coders have over 20 years of experience coding for pain management physicians across the United States. Our experience means that your team won’t waste time submitting and resubmitting your claims. We code with precision so that your claim will be right the first time, every time.

Learn how our pain management coding specialists can help reduce coding errors.

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Specialty medical coding

Omega also offers medical coding services for medical specialties, including bariatric medicine, family practice, obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN), and general surgery. Each CPC has experience in multiple specialties. Our team stays up-to-date in a variety of medical disciplines to ensure that our coding is precise and accurate. Unlike our competitors, we don’t outsource our certified coding services. Our full-time team is in-house and ready to answer all your coding questions, no matter how complex. This people-powered, personalized approach means that your claims are accurate the first time and take less time to process.

Learn how our coding team can help you get reimbursed faster.

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Medical billing

Our billing team has more than 20 years of experience in medical claims billing and collections. We thrive on challenges and work hard to ensure that you receive every dollar you earn. Unlike other medical billing services, we follow up on our billing and include collections as part of our personalized service.

Many billing companies are not invested in your success. At Omega PBS, we believe that your billing service should be a trusted partner who cares for you just like you care for your patients. We serve many physicians in Texas and the United States. We review all documentation to ensure you get paid for every possible service you provide.

Learn how our billing team can help improve your collection rates.

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Even the best-run medical practice can benefit from an audit. At Omega PBS, we believe that auditing is not just about finding errors, but about working with your team to improve your processes and practices.

We understand that each physician and medical practice is unique. That’s why Omega PBS customizes our audit options to your needs. We perform chart audits, electronic medical records coding audits, and documentation reviews that reflect the latest industry best practices.

All our audit services include a pre-audit information survey to ensure that your team is prepared for our in-depth, customized audit analysis.

Our post-audit counseling and training gives your team the confidence and knowledge they need to improve the quality of coding and billing as well as, ultimately, patient care. We work with your team to identify and close the gaps that will help them reduce errors and improve quality.

Learn how our auditors can help you improve compliance.

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Medical practice consulting

If medicine changes quickly, technology seems to change even faster. Sometimes, what you need is a trusted partner who can help you sort through whether you should choose AdvancedMD, PracticeSuite, Elation, or some other health care technology for your practice.

Our Omega PBS team offers on-site and virtual consulting services for all your medical practice needs. We help you cut through the technological noise to determine the best choice for you. You can trust our recommendations because we are not resellers. We do not receive compensation from other companies for our suggestions. Our recommendations are based on our decades of experience and understanding what will work best for you, your team, and your practice.

If you have an in-house coding and billing team, we are happy to work with them, too. We can advise your team on how to improve the efficiency of your practices and processes. We customize our consulting services for every physician and medical practice, whether you need us for an emergency intervention or proactive, long-term strategic planning. We want to help your medical practice grow.

Learn how our consultants can help you grow your medical practice.

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